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s/bf-HSG News December 2023

With this newsletter, we would like to inform you about current updates and developments at the Swiss Institute for Banking and Finance.


Prof. Dr. Markus Schmid was appointed Vice Dean of the School of Finance of the University of St.Gallen.

Prof. Dr. Andrea Barbon was elected as the representative of the Mittelbau within the SoF organization (Nachrücker).


We are pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Dr. Can Gao as a new member of our team. Starting Au-gust 1, 2023, he will join the Swiss Institute for Banking and Finance (s/bf-HSG) as an Assistant Professor and will also be part of the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI-HSG). His expertise encompasses key areas such as asset pricing, derivatives, and international finance.

Prof. Dr. Petrit Ademi took up the new assistant professorship in Entrepreneurial Finance at the Center for Financial Services Innovation (FSI-HSG) and the School of Management (SoM-HSG) at the University of St.Gallen on August 1, 2023. His research focuses on corporate venture capital and entrepreneurial decision making.

The 5th HSG Forum for Banking and Finance on the topic «Impact Investing: Are we moving the needle?» was successfully held on 27 November 2023, with around 75 guests at the Zunfthaus zur Saffran in Zurich. The HSG Forum brings together experts and interested parties from the financial sector to discuss current developments in the industry as well as in academic research. In collaboration with the Center for Financial Services Innovation (FSI-HSG) and the Swiss Institute for Banking and Finance (s/bf-HSG), the forum offers unique financial markets expertise. Highlights of the program included Prof. Julian Kölbel's thematic introduction, the keynote speech by Dr. Mirjam Staub-Bisang, and the industry panel discussion led by Prof. Dr. Martin Nerlinger, discussing opportunities and challenges of impact investing.



  • Prof. Andrea Barbon's, Ph.D., paper “NFT Bubbles”, co-authored with A. Ranaldo, received the “Best Paper Award” at the CRC2023 conference in Monaco.
  • Prof. Julian Kölbel, Ph.D., Prof. Florian Berg, Ph.D. and Prof. Roberto Rigobon have been awarded the prestigious 2023 Pagano Zechner Award. The award, granted by the editorial board of the Review of Finance, recognizes their collaborative paper, “Aggregate Confusion”, as the year's best non-investment paper published in the journal.
  • Prof. Julian Kölbel, Ph.D., Prof. Florian Heeb, Ph.D., Prof. Falko Paetzold, Ph.D. and Prof. Stefan Zeisberger, Ph.D. received the FIR PRI Award for the best published paper for their outstanding work titled “Do Investors Care About Impact?”.
  • Prof. Dr. Tereza Tykvová and Prof. Vesa Pursiainen received the PMV Best Paper Award for their paper “Retail Customer Reaction to Private Equity Acquisitions” at the 7th Entrepreneurial Finance Association Conference.










Certificate Course on ESG and Sustainable Finance
The “Certificate Course on ESG and Sustainable Finance” of Prof. Dr. Markus Schmid in cooperation with ESG industry experts from LGT Capital Partners, MSCI, radicant, RepRisk, UBS, Vontobel and ZKB took place for the third time in November 2023 with a record number of participants. The course combines the latest academic findings with in-depth industry experience on various topics in the field of ESG and Sustainable Finance, such as ESG ratings and data is-sues, regulatory challenges and certification, the sustainable investment product space, the performance of sustainable investments, and the impact of sustainable investments. The fourth edition of the course will take place in Spring 2024, April to early June. The course is taught in English and participation is possible both in-person in Zurich and online. For in-person participants, there is a networking reception on each of the six event days.

Fit for Sustainable Finance
In spring 2024, we will offer the course “Fit for Sustainable Finance” for the third time. The course will take place with an updated course program under the direction of Prof. Dr. Markus Schmid and Prof. Dr. Martin Nerlinger. Participants will learn how sustainability and financial markets interact and what the practical implications in banking, investment management, risk management, etc. are. Participants have the flexibility to choose between the «on campus» course or the online course. In addition, we offer a one-hour online Q&A session for each topic.

Fit for Finance
The popular intensive course “Fit for Finance” will be offered again in fall 2024. After 20 years under the direction of Prof. Dr. Manuel Ammann, Prof. Dr. Roland Füss and Prof. Dr. Markus Schmid will be in charge of the “Fit for Finance” course starting in fall 2024. In the course, participants will learn how financial markets work and what practical implications this has for in-vestment advice, financial analysis, risk management, etc. In addition to the presentation of theoretical concepts, the course puts a strong emphasis on the practical applicability of these concepts. Due to its thematic focus, the course forms an ideal basis for further certificates such as the CFA®.

Fit for Private Markets
In spring 2024, Prof. Dr. Roland Füss and Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkoetter will be offering the certificate course “Fit for Private Markets” for the first time. The certificate course will take place on six Wednesdays in March and April 2024. Participants in the seminar can look forward to a comprehensive insight into the area of private market investments in the asset management. The seminar offers a detailed look at the specific areas of private equity, venture capital, private real estate, private debt, infrastructure, and art investments. Participants will learn about the functioning and valuation methods of private market investments, including their financing forms and investment strategies. The course places a particular focus on the practical application of theoretical concepts. Special emphasis is placed on the role of the Swiss financial center in this asset class.


NZZ, December 1, 2023. Private Equity gibt es nun auch für das kleinere Portemonnaie
The entry barriers to private markets are becoming lower, a trend that is expanding the investment landscape. This article discusses the increasing accessibility of Private Equity for investors with smaller budgets. Prof. Dr. Tereza Tykvová provided an interview for this article, parts of which are quoted in the text.

NZZ, December 1, 2023. Grüne Fonds im ESG-Check
Das Nachhaltigkeitssortiment in der Schweizer Investmentlandschaft wächst und wächst. Immer wieder gibt es aber Kritik an weltverbessernden Finanzprodukten. Wie grün sind Sustainable Fonds wirklich und heisst nachhaltig auch sozial? This article cites the working paper “Is sustainable investing a dangerous placebo?” by J. Kölbel, which delves into and explores this issue further.

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