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Prof. Dr. Sebastian Utz joined the s/bf-HSG in April 2021. He is an Assistant Professor at the School of Finance. His research and teaching focus is on sustainable/green finance and ESG investments.

The annual conference of the Swiss Society for Financial Market Research (SGF) was organized by the s/bf-HSG for the third time in 2021. Due to the Corona Pandemic, the conference was held for the first time as an online conference on March 25 and 26, 2021. Professors Martin Brown, Roland Füss and Markus Schmid co-chaired the conference. From 295 submitted papers of generally very high academic quality, 50 excellent papers were selected for inclusion in the program. The s/bf-HSG will also organize the 2022 SGF Conference, which will be held in Zurich on April 8, 2022.

Save the Date: The
3rd HSG Forum for Banking & Finance 2021 will take place on Wednesday, October 27, 2021. The topic is "Climate change and financial markets: managing risks, seizing opportunities." Venue and time: Kunsthaus Zurich (Vortragssaal), Heimplatz 1, 8001 Zurich, start 5:30 pm.



- CEO Tenure and Firm Value. F. Brochet, P. Limbach, M. Schmid, M. Scholz-Daneshgari, The Accounting Review, accepted for publication.
- Local House Price Comovements. M. Fischer, R. Füss, S. Stehle. Real Estate Economics, 2021, Vol. 49, No. S1, 169-198.
- Winning a Deal in Private Equity: Do Educational Ties Matter? F. Fuchs, R. Füss, T. Jenkinson, S. Morkoetter, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021, 66, February, 101740.
The Round Number Heuristic and Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Performance. V. Pursiainen, Te-Chun Lin. Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021, Vol. 68.
Business Outlook and Financing Alternatives of Finnish Entrepreneurs During the COVID-19 Crisis. V. Pursiainen, M. Paaso, S. Torstila. Nordic Journal of Business, 2021, Vol. 70, No. 1.
Social Connections with COVID-19-Affected Areas Increase Compliance with Mobility Restrictions. V. Pursiainen, B. Charoenwong, A. Kwan. Science Advances, 2020, Vol. 6, No. 47.
Cultural Biases in Equity Analysis. V. Pursiainen. Journal of Finance, accepted for publication.
Regulatory Effects on Short-Term Interest Rates. A. Ranaldo, P. Schaffner, M. Vasios, Journal of Financial Economics, 141(2), 750-770.
Asymmetric Information Risk in FX Markets. A. Ranaldo, F. Somogyi, Journal of Financial Economics, 140(2), 391-411.


Does Quantitative Easing Mitigate the Sovereign-Bank Nexus? A. Bechtel, J. Eisenschmidt, A. Ranaldo, School of Finance Working Paper 2021/01, University of St.Gallen.
Quantitative Easing and the Safe Asset Illusion. A. Bechtel, J. Eisenschmidt, A. Ranaldo, A. Ventula Veghazy, School of Finance Working Paper 2021/10, University of St.Gallen.
Intertemporal Prospect Theory. I. Lampe, M. Weber, School of Finance Working Paper 2021/09, University of St.Gallen.
Is There a Value Premium in Cryptoasset Markets? L. Liebi, School of Finance Working Paper 2021/11, University of St.Gallen.


- Does Unobservable Heterogeneity Matter for Portfolio-Based Asset Pricing Tests? D. Hoechle, M. Schmid, H. Zimmermann, American Finance Association (AFA) Annual Meetings 2021, (Virtual) Chicago, 3-5 January 2021.
- Monetary Policy Disconnect. B. Ballensiefen, A. Ranaldo, H. Winterberg, ECB-RFS Macro-Finance Conference, 22-23 March 2021.
Is There a Value Premium in Cryptoasset Markets? L. Liebi, Research Seminar (Invited Talk), Universität Liechtenstein, 25 May 2021.
- Gamma Fragility. A. Barbon, A. Buraschi, FIRS 2021 conference, 4-6 June 2021.
- Safe Asset Carry Trade. B. Ballensiefen, A. Ranaldo, SFI Research Days, 7-8 June 2021.
- As California Goes, so Goes the Nation? Board Gender Quotas and the Legislation of Non-Economic Values. F. von Meyerinck, A. Niessen-Ruenzi, M. Schmid, S. Davidoff Solomon, Global Corporate Governance Colloquium, Yale University (Virtual); 11-12 June 2021.
- How Do Leveraged Buyouts Affect Industry Peers? An Analysis of the Information and the Competition Channel. M. C. Kathan, T. Tykvová, 2021 FMA Virtuelle Europa Konferenz, 15-18 June 2021, unpublished working paper.

Panel discussions:

  • COVID and Digitalization in Banking. V. Pursianien, panel discussion, 2021 Annual Columbia SIPA/BPI Bank Regulation Research Conference (Virtual), 26 February 2021.
  • Deal Dynamics: Sourcing, Financing, Negotiation. T. Tykvová, panel moderation, PEVC Days 2021, HSG (Virtual), 28 April 2021.


The popular lecture series “Fit for Finance” will again be held as an intensive course in autumn 2021. We now offer participants the possibility to choose flexibly between the classroom and the online course. In addition, there will be a one-hour online Q&A session on each topic. Besides theoretical concepts, the special focus of this course is on practical applications. Participants learn how financial markets work and what practical implications this has for investment advice, financial analysis, risk management, etc. Due to its thematic focus, the course forms an optimal basis for further certificates, especially for the CFA®.


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