Lehre an der HSG

The Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance offers high-quality classes covering a broad range of topics to students at the Bachelor's level, the Master's level and the Ph.D. level at HSG University of St.Gallen.

Chief among our classes is the English-language Master of Arts Program in Banking and Finance (MBF), as well as the Finance concentration of the Ph.D. programme in Economics and Finance (GPEF).

For the Master's programme in Accounting and Finance (MAccFin), we cover topics of corporate finance. At both the bachelor's and the master's level, we teach the foundations of asset pricing, corporate finance and banking. We deepen our students' understanding of methods, instruments and institutions both theoretically and empirically in a broad range of specialised elective courses at the master's level.

These courses balance theory and application. At the Ph.D. level, we highlight current research in classes and seminars.

Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Für Informationen zu Bachelor- oder Master-Arbeitsthemen konsultieren Sie bitte die Seite des jeweiligen Lehrstuhls.
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