Selected publications

This page gives an overview of selected publications for all chairs at s/bf-HSG.

Connected VCs and Strategic Alliances: Evidence from Biotech Companies 
L. Brinster, T. Tykvová
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021, 66, 101835

CEO Tenure and Firm Value
F. Brochet, P. Limbach, M. Schmid, M. Scholz-Daneshgari
The Accounting Review, 2021, 96 (6), 47–71.
IPO withdrawals: Are Corporate Governance and VC Characteristics the Guiding Light in the Rough Sea of Volatile Markets?
A. Reiff, T. Tykvová
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021, 67, 101908
Unsecured and Secured Funding
M. Di Filippo, A. Ranaldo, J. Wrampelmeyer
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Volume 54, Issue 2-3, July 2021, 651-662.
Asymmetric Information Risk in FX Markets
A. Ranaldo, F. Somogyi
Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 140, Issue 2, May 2021, 391-411.
The Round Number Heuristic and Entrepreneur Crowdfunding Performance
V. Pursiainen, Te-Chun Lin
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2021, Vol. 68.
Regulatory Effects on Short Term Interest Rates
A. Ranaldo, P. Schaffner, M. Vasios
Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 141, Issue 2, August 2021, 750-770.
Winning a Deal in Private Equity: Do Educational Ties Matter?
F. Fuchs, R. Füss, T. Jenkinson, S. Morkoetter
Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 66, February 2021, 101740.

OTC Premia
G. Cenedese, A. Ranaldo, M. Vasios
Journal of Financial Economics 136(1), April 2020, 86-105.

The Behavioral Economics of Currency Unions: Economic Integration and Monetary Policy
A. Bertasiutea, D. Massaro, M. Weber
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Volume 112, March 2020, 103850.
The Cross-Over Effect of Irrational Sentiments in Housing, Commercial Property, and Stock Markets.
D. Prashant, R. Füss, B. Hanle, I. Russ.
Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 114, May 2020, 105799.

New Technology Assessment in Entrepreneurial Financing – Does Crowdfunding Predict Venture Capital Investments? 
J. Kaminski, C. Hopp, T. Tykvová 
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 139, 2019, 287-302

Monetary Policy Under Behavioral Expectations: Theory and Experiment
C. Hommes, D. Massaro, M. Weber
European Economic Review, Volume 118, September 2019, 193-212.
Does Price Fixing Benefit Corporate Managers?
T. Artiga Gonzalez, M. Schmid, D. Yermack
Management Science 65(10), May 2019, 4813-4840.
Borrowing Constraints, Home Ownership and Housing Choice: Evidence from Intra-Family Wealth Transfers
K. Blickle, M. Brown
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 51 (2-3), 2019, 539-580.

Euro Repo Market Functioning: Collateral is King
A. Ranaldo, P. Schaffner, K. Tsatsaronis
BIS Quarterly Review, December 2019.

Brokers and Order Flow Leakage: Evidence from Fire Sales
A. Barbon, M. Di Maggio, F. Franzoni, A. Landier
Journal of Finance, Volume 74(6), August 2019, 2707-2749.

Quantitative Easing and Equity Prices: Evidence from the ETF Program of the Bank of Japan
A. Barbon, V. Gianinazzi
The Review of Asset Pricing Studies, Volume 9(2), December 2019, 210–255.

Regional Inflation, Financial Integration and Dollarization
M. Brown, R. De Haas, V. Sokolov
Review of Finance, Vol. 22(6), October 2018, 2073–2108.
Financial Advice and Bank Profits
D. Hoechle, S. Ruenzi, N. Schaub, M. Schmid
Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 31(11), 2018, 4447-4492.
Settling the Staggered Board Debate
Y. Amihud, M. Schmid, S. Davidoff Solomon
University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vol. 166(6), 2018, 1475-1510.
An Experimental Study of Bond Market Pricing
M. Weber, J. Duffy, A. Schram
The Journal of Finance, Volume 74(4), August 2018, 1857-1892.
Legal Framework Quality and Success of (Different Types of) Venture Capital Investments
T. Tykvová
Journal of Banking and Finance, Volume 87, February 2018, 333-350.
Are Correlations Constant? Empirical and Theoretical Results on Popular Correlation Models in Finance
Z. Adams, R. Füss, T. Glück
Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 84(11), 2017, 9-24.
A Simple Estimation of Bid‐Ask Spreads from Daily Close, High, and Low Prices
F. Abdi, A. Ranaldo
The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 30(12), December 2017, 4437–4480.
The Impact of Financial Advice on Trade Performance and Behavioral Biases
D. Hoechle, S. Ruenzi, M. Schmid, N. Schaub
Review of Finance, Vol. 21(2), 2017, 871-910.
Individual Investor Activity and Performance
M. Dahlquist J. Vicente Martinez, P. Söderlind
The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 30(3), March 2017, 866–899.
When and Why Do Venture Capital-Backed Companies Obtain Venture Lending?
T. Tykvová
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Volume 52, June 2017, 1049-1080.
Competing with Superstars
M. Ammann, P. Horsch, D. Oesch
Management Science, Volume 62(10), 2016, 2765-3084.
Understanding Bank-Run Contagion
M. Brown, S. T. Trautmann, R. Vlahu
Management Science, 63(7), 2016, 2272-2282.
The Threat of Exclusion and Implicit Contracting
M. Brown, M. Serra-Garcia
Management Science, 63 (12), 2016, 4081-4100.
Crash Aversion and the Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns Worldwide
F. Weigert
Review of Asset Pricing Studies 6(1), 2016, 135-178.
Changing Risk Perception and the Time-Varying Price of Risk
R. Füss, T. Gehrig, P. Rindler
Review of Finance, Vol. 20(4), July 2016, 1549–1585.
Is Director Industry Experience Valuable?
F. von Meyerinck, D. Oesch, M. Schmid
Financial Management, Vol. 45(1), 2016, 207-237.
The Euro Interbank Repo Market
L. Mancini, A. Ranaldo, J. Wrampelmeyer
The Review of Financial Studies, Vol. 29(7), July 2016,  1747-1779.
Going Public via Special Purpose Acquisition Companies: Frogs do Not Turn into Princes
J. Kolb, T. Tykvová
Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 40, October 2016, 80-96. 
Microfinance Banks and Financial Inclusion
M. Brown, B. Guin, K. Kirschenmann
Review of Finance, 2015, 1-40.
Electricity Derivatives Pricing with Forward-Looking Information 
R. Füss, S. Mahringer, M. Prokopczuk
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 58, 2015, 34-57.
Understanding FX Liquidity
N. Karnaukh, A. Ranaldo, P. Söderlind
The Review of Financial Studies, 28(11), 2015, 3073-3108.
Does Governmental Venture Capital Spur Invention and Innovation? Evidence from Young European Biotech Companies?
F. Betroni, T. Tykvová
Research Policy, Volume 44, May 2015, 925-939.
Spillover Effects among Financial Institutions: A State-Dependent Sensitivity Value-at-Risk Approach 
Z. Adams, R. Füss, R. Gropp
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Vol. 49(3), 2014, 575-598.
A Jackknife-Type Estimator for Portfolio Revision 
R. Füss, F. Miebs, F. Trübenbach
Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 43(6), 2014, 14-28.
Understanding Bank-Run Contagion. 
M. Brown, S. Trautmann, R. Vlahu
Management Science
ECB Working Paper No. 1711, May 2014.
Product Market Competition, Corporate Governance, and Firm Value: Evidence from the EU-Area.
M. Ammann, S. Odoni, D. Oesch
European Financial Management, 19(3), 2013, 452-469.
Variance Risk Premiums in Foreign Exchange Markets. 
M. Ammann, R. Buesser
Journal of Empirical Finance 2013 (23), 16-32.
Firms as liquidity providers: Evidence from the 2007-2008 financial crisis. 
E. Garcia-Appendini, J. Montoriol-Garriga
Journal of Financial Economics 109 (2013), Nr. 1, 272-291.
Hedge Fund Liquidity and Performance: Evidence from the Financial Crisis. 
N. Schaub, M. Schmid
Journal of Banking and Finance 37(3), 671-692.
Liquidity in the Foreign Exchange Market: Measurement, Commonality, and Risk Premiums 
L. Mancini, A. Ranaldo, J. Wrampelmeyer
Journal of Finance, Vol. 68(5), 1805-1841.
Intraday Patterns in FX Returns & Order Flow 
F. Breedon, A. Ranaldo
Journal of Money, Credit & Banking, Vol. 45(5), 953-965.
An Alternative Three-factor Model for International Markets: Evidence from the European Monetary Union 
M. Ammann, S. Odoni, D. Oesch
Journal of Banking and Finance, 36, 1857-1864.
Risk Management, Corporate Governance, and Bank Performance in the Financial Crisis 
V. Aebi, G. Sabato, M. Schmid
Journal of Banking and Finance 36, 3213-3226.
How Much of the Diversification Discount Can be Explained by Poor Corporate Governance? 
D. Hoechle, M. Schmid, I. Walter, D. Yermack
Journal of Financial Economics 103, 41-60.
What Lures Cross-Border Venture Capital Inflows?
A. Schertler, T. Tykvová
Journal of International Money and Finance, Volume 31(6), October 2012, 1777-1799.
Do Private Equity Owners Increase Risk of Financial Distress and Bankruptcy?
T. Tykvová, M. Borell
Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 18(1), February 2012, 138-150.
Inflation Risk Premia and Survey Evidence on Macroeconomic Uncertainty 
P. Söderlind
International Journal of Central Banking, 7, 113-133.
The Time-Varying Systematic Risk of Carry Trade Strategies 
C. Christiansen, A. Ranaldo, P. Söderlind
Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis 46(4), 1107-1125.
What Drives the Performance of Convertible-Bond Funds? 
M. Ammann, A.H. Kind, R. Seiz
Journal of Banking and Finance, 34, 2600-2613. 
Capitalizing on Partisan Politics: The Political Economy of Sector-Specific Redistribution in Germany
M. Bechtel, Roland Füss
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 42 , No. 2-3, 203-235.
Safe Haven Currencies 
A. Ranaldo, P. Söderlind
Review of Finance, 10, 385-407.
Do Financial Conglomerates Create or Destroy Economic Value?
M. Schmid, I. Walter
Journal of Financial Intermediation 18, 193-216.
Do Venture Capitalists Give Founders Their Walking Papers?
D. Heger, T. Tykvová
Journal of Corporate Finance, Volume 15(5), December 2009, 613-625.
Is there Evidence of Pessimism and Doubt in Subjective Distributions? Implications for the Equity Premium Puzzle.
P. Giordani, P. Söderlind
Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 30, 1027-1043, 2006.
Order Aggressiveness in Limit Order Book Markets 
A. Ranaldo
Journal of Financial Markets 7(1), 53-74.
Evaluating Portfolio Performance with Stochastic Discount Factors 
M. Dahlquist, P. Söderlind
Journal of Business, 72(3), 347-384.


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